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In my work, I start with a mental introspection and reflections on memories

of human figures and images of nature. Those images undergo formal processes of abstraction and expression. I explore the interaction between the paint and diverse pictorial supports like paper, canvas, sheets of metal, wood panels and more. With the painting, which is intuitive-quick in nature,

I try to capture a formal essence and convey it in relation to how it appears

in my mind's eye. At the same time, the different images reflect the reality

that surrounds me.

My work process is akin to embarking on an unplanned adventure. I weave

a dialogue with the painting, which starts as devoid of a "position" and which

I later associate with a word/sentence that form the works' title, which adds another meaning and imbues it with an ambiguous "position".

My fundamental approach to the materiality of the painting is one of sensual and passionate pleasure. Despite the apparent influence of "action painting" on my work, there is a constant balance between the "spontaneity" and advance thought and planning that surround the work. I am interested in the merging of and balance between the material artistic expression and the contents and images which are influenced by women artists who engaged with personal, gender-feminine narrative and the question of motherhood like Marlene Dumas, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith and others.