Hospitality — Triangle gallery (2016)

Hospitalité (Feminine Hospitality) #1

Artists: Lili Cohen Prah-Ya, Ruthi Helbitz Cohen, Yael Shachar, Maya Attoun
Guests of guests: Mia Gourvitch, Ayala Netzer, Chilla Ezra
Curator: Sari Golan


The project Hospitalité (Feminine Hospitality) is the result of a collaboration between artist Lili Cohen Prah-ya’s “Room Studio” and curator Sari Golan’s “Triangle Art” Space. The exhibition “Hospitalité (Feminine Hospitality) #1″is the culmination of the project’s first residency program, hosting three female Israeli artists and three additional female guests. It is exhibited simultaneously in both spaces, located on the first floor at 6 Shvil Hameretz St., Tel Aviv.

The project was initiated by Cohen Prah-ya, who wanted to create a physical and mental space of collaboration and dialogue between women-artists. The exhibition spans works created by each of the artists during her stay in the “Room Studio”, as well as works by other women-artists whom they hosted on site. Cohen Prah-ya’s featured works were also created when she was a guest herself, during a residency at the School of Visual Arts in New York.